OUR YEARLY FOCUS (OYF) was launched in 2024 to mark the 70th anniversary of our law firm. Every year within the OYF, we focus on a new topic that is particularly relevant to our lives. The focus is not only on legal issues, but also on interdisciplinary aspects.


OYF event on October 03, 2024

OYF 2024: The „Myth“ on AI


In December 2023, the two legislative bodies of the European Union announced a political agreement on the "AI Act". The EU's announcement gives rise to numerous discussions.

With the OYF "Myth of AI", we want to look at what is hidden behind the cloak of AI and in which areas of everyday life AI is already in use or will be in the future. We also want to question whether and, if so, what kind of regulation of AI makes sense.

Over the course of this year, experts will therefore have their say here and share their experiences with us.

Our contributions on this topic (only in German)