Housing and Real Estate Law

  • Building and property development contracts
  • Real estate transactions (acquisition, sale, consolidation and division of real estate)
  • Land register law and real estate division law
  • Dealing with restrictions on the transfer of real estate, land reform measures, settlement procedures and land consolidation procedures
  • Tax optimisation of real estate transactions
  • Drafting contracts regarding building/constructing rights and superaedificates (buildings constructed on third-party property)
  • All legal issues in connection with condominium ownership
  • All legal questions in connection with tenancy law (partial and full application of the Austrian Act on Tenancy Law [MRG] vs. leases governed by the Austrian General Civil Law [ABGB], etc.)
  • Drafting of rental and lease agreements
  • Legal support of shopping centres in connection with tenancy law matters on a regular basis

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