The cornerstones of our history

The law firm Hochleitner Rechtsanwälte was founded in July 1954 by Dr. Hans Hochleitner with the support of his wife, Elfriede Hochleitner. The decision to move to Eferding and open a law firm there was taken jointly by the two of them against the background of the expected economic upswing in Upper Austria.

Not only the hope for an economic upswing in Upper Austria, but also the newly founded law firm was fulfilled for both of them. After 65 years of existence of our law firm we can look back on a development, which was not always without obstacles, but is characterized by great success, never-ending commitment and also a bit of luck.

The first office of our law firm was opened at the town square in Eferding, whereby Dr. Hans Hochleitner was supported by associates since the beginning of the 1960s. In total, more than 70 lawyers underwent their legal training in our law firm, some of whom have remained in our law firm and are now also involved as partners, including Dr. Johannes Hochleitner and Mag. Martin Hochleitner.

In the mid-1970s, we decided to move from the town square to the church square in Eferding, where our main office is still located today. In order to cover the entire economic area of Upper Austria and to be able to serve our clients ideally, further locations were opened in the course of time, namely in Perg in 2002, in Linz in 2007 and in Wels in 2012.